Dr. Gertraud Koch’s keynote address presentation

Dr. Gertraud Koch from Zeppeling University in Germany was our 5th keynote speaker. Unfortunately for health reasons she was forced to cancel last minute her trip to San Juan. However, she has graciously shared with us her presentation and will be commenting on her topic regarding   How to transmit knowledge across cultures? Findings, problems and research questions  on this blog and on the Wiki.  Please click on her presentation under Keynote speakers. Thanks Gertraud!


FOLLOW UP: inter-cultural encounters (blog and wiki)

After a hectic end-of-semester period I was able today to go and visit both our Wiki and Blog. I see some activity on the wiki, checked to see if we had the issues with the graphics solved and realized several participants have not yet registered. I imagine everybody has been as busy. I hope we use this virtual space to continue the dialog. Do we want to re-open the intra-disciplinary dialog in parallel to the inter-disciplinary? Any other issues we want to discuss? Hope this beginning of summer months has been great for all.

Few additional comments/ answers:

1. Some have asked me about the text that you submitted on Friday. All text documents are posted under the Wikispaces link to your right (so that all can edit and change them). I would like to see the blog being used for discussion.
2. Some mentioned that there was not enough time to ask questions to the inter-disciplinary groups on Friday morning. This is, I believe, a good space for us to re-review the presentations and ask those questions to the groups.

Hello Workshop Participants and other interested researchers!

This blog has the purpose of virtually enabling the intercultural service encounters (or service systems) research community to continue the dialog, even if a virtual one. All intra and inter-disciplinary group presentations (power points) are posted to your right. Also, keynote speakers presentations.  To edit your text documents go to the Wikispace.